Bulletproof Mind

bulletproof mind

We have all had times when something or the other affects us so deeply and leads things to failure. During these times, it becomes more and more important to bulletproof your mind and achieve mental toughness.

What is a bulletproof mind, with whom do we normally associate this terminology?

What is a bulletproof mind

Before you embark on the journey to bulletproof your mind, you need to first understand what a bulletproof mind is? A bulletproof mind is a mind that empowers you to act against failures. A bulletproof mind makes sure that you cultivate the mental toughness to make no errors and go beyond criticism. It isn’t a temporary incredible dose of courage and motivation but about building habits and adopting a lifestyle that inspires you to do your best every day without any excuses.

We associate the terminology of a bulletproof mind with navy seals. Navy Seals are trained by pushing the Seals mentally over and over again to a breaking point, to harden and make them able to take any task with confidence, despite the odds or until they break.

The secret of the Navy Seals toughness lies in the mind and not the body.

How to cultivate the mental toughness, gradual process

In order to build a bulletproof mind, you need to cultivate mental toughness. How to do this, you ask? Here are 5 steps to build mental toughness.

Be positive with yourself

Be positive with yourself

Your brain is always thinking. On an average, you say 300 to 1000 words every minute and, according to Olympic athletes and Navy Seals, these words should be positive. Imagine that you are underwater with scuba gear. Your instructor suddenly swims up from behind you and snatches the regulator out of your mouth. You are struggling to breathe. Now he ties your oxygen lines in a knot. It is understandable that a person in such a situation would panic and think of death instantly.

Instead of thinking of death, what you could do is give yourself a positive pep talk. Keep calm, stay underwater, get your gear back in working order by following the procedure to start breathing again and, this is how you overcome an abrupt situation.

Fun fact; Navy Seals actually go through this over and over again for 20 minutes during the dreaded the “pool camp.” If they panic, then they do not qualify to become a SEAL. So, instead of having pessimistic thoughts, be an optimist during bad events. Tell yourself that a negative situation is only temporary.

Focus on the present

Focus on the present

Most of us make the mistake of not paying attention to what’s right in front of us and focusing on larger goals instead. This goal can be to start a business, travel the world, etc. It is tough to stay motivated and patient throughout the process when the goal is large. According to Navy Seal Combat Veteran Brent Gleeson, you can trick your mind by dividing your larger goals into smaller goals and then focusing on the task that’s right in front of you in the present. These small goals can be to finish a 1-hour workout or to write an article for your new blog. It is naturally difficult to convince your mind into becoming mentally tough for a year. Whereas you can easily trick it into thinking that it has to only stay mentally tough for the following hour.


Visualize Things

Navy Seals are trained to practice visualization. Visualize your success. Close your eyes and look forward. Do you see the big challenge? Now walk through every step of it. Successful people tend to do this a lot. By practicing visualization, you are training your mind for what is to come. You are winning in your head to prepare for your win on the battlefield. When you actually reach these hurdles, you won’t be surprised and clueless about the next step since you have prepared yourself for the next step. In such circumstances, your mind won’t be put “on the moment.” It will know what to do next because you have already visualized it. Practice visualizing before trying to achieve any goal.

Don’t allow yourself to complain to criticize

Don't allow yourself to complain to criticize

Successful people don’t give excuses, nor do they whine or complain. Remember that you hold control over yourselves and nobody else. Don’t pay attention to words like “luck” or “fortune” If you waste your mental energy getting scared of what might happen next, you will never be able to put effort into getting things done your way. At the end of the day, you control what you do to yourself.

Be disciplined

Being Disciplined

People with a bulletproof mind lead a disciplined lifestyle. They do not give in to laziness, procrastination, or excuses. For mentally tough people, what has to be done today is done today and not tomorrow. Discipline also develops inner strength and character and further heightens your chances of success.

Some examples of mentally tough sportspersons would be Bjorn Borg, Muhammed Ali, Tiger Woods, and others. Bjorn Borg is a famous tennis player and has won five Wimbledon titles. His always calm and collected attitude on the tennis field earned him nicknames like “Iceman” or “Ice-borg.” No matter what the circumstance, he never lets his opponents get to his head and has become an example for many aspiring tennis players. Muhammed Ali is a world-known professional boxer. Ali has always believed in positive self-talk as a key to success and adopted psychological tactics before, during, and after fights. Tiger Woods is an exemplary golfer who proved his mental superiority time and time again. Even after getting married and having kids, his focus never wavered. Nevertheless, he always came back stronger after facing hardships in life.

How does a bulletproof mind help us become better human beings in our daily life?

Developing a bulletproof mind is not a temporary thing. It is a habit, a total lifestyle change including healthy habits.

Here are 5 ways on how a bulletproof mind will help you become better human beings in your daily life.



Mental toughness equals consistency. Mentally tough athletes are more consistent, and they never miss their workouts. In your daily life consistency can mean a lot of things. It might mean not missing any assignments, having a consistent sleep routine, and more.

Courage and strength

Courage and strength

A bulletproof mind will provide you with courage and strength to face any obstacles or challenge with sheer confidence. If you are confident in yourself, you won’t be afraid of failure. It can also help you to bounce back into the routine after defeat.

Ignorant to unwelcome comments

Ignorant to unwelcome comments

A bulletproof mind will also make you unaffected of any unnecessary and negative comments. People are envious of successful people and will always try to bring them down with unhelpful comments or advice. It is your decision on whether to let them affect you or continue as you are. By developing mental toughness, you will be aware of your self-worth and will not let others get to you.

Regulate emotions

Regulate emotions

Having a bulletproof mind will help you identify your emotions. Our emotions and feelings unknowingly affect our everyday life. Our unregulated emotions can influence our decisions and often lead us to the wrong path. You can avoid making the wrong decisions by controlling your emotions with mental strength.

Provides motivation

Provides motivation

Have you ever reached a point in life where you are frustrated with everything and face a mental burnout, Suddenly you hit a bump, and everything starts going downhill. A mental burnout can make you lose motivation and the will to keep going. A bulletproof mind will provide you with the mental strength to keep pushing on. It will provide you with motivation when you feel like you have no strength left. Moreover, it will help you find your goal and the strength to keep working towards it.

Books to cultivate mental toughness

Atomic habits

Atomic Habits Book

Atomic Habits by James Clear provides you with self-improvement techniques to reach your goals. It’s read by people who want to cultivate healthy habits by making tiny but remarkable changes in their lifestyle. The book is easy to read and is entertaining with personal stories and scientific information. If you want to break bad habits and build good ones, this book is for you. A self-improvement book that helps to build mental toughness.

The Power of Now

The Power of Now Book

Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now is a life-changing book. Reading The Power of Now is like meditating your brain. It will help you to bulletproof your mind with spirituality and enlightenment. Many readers call it an eye-opener and suggest to start applying the methods from the book in real life to not only find success but also to develop a healthy mind and body.

To conclude, it is human nature to make mistakes or experience failure, but the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful person is how you let it affect you. A bulletproof mind will help you focus on the bigger part and cultivate habits that make your achievements consistent and a part of your everyday lifestyle.

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