How to shake a lady’s hand like a gentleman to create a positive impression?

how to shake a lady's hand

It is often seen that handshaking with a woman becomes concerning in a business scenario. You must be quite aware of the fact that you can be in a problem due to the way of your shaking hands. Although it is not the case with everybody, it is still essential to know the correct way to prevent yourself from embarrassment and maintain a favorable impression.

Mind that your simple handshake with a woman tells a lot about your personality. It might be evident that you get nervous when your handshake a lady for the first time. It’s pretty normal as well. We would say that many people go through this. But, you can avoid this by learning simple and effective ways to handshake.  If you still think that there is nothing to be concerned about, then read the article until the end to change your perspective.

You cannot deny the fact that handshakes are always taken seriously when it comes to business scenarios. Be it with men or women; they always have the power to make or break your image. It becomes even more essential to be careful when you a shaking hands with a lady.

It might surprise you that there are different rules for shaking hands in other countries. For example, in China, a handshake with a lighter grip and slighter bow is considered good in a business scenario, while in the United States, a good handshake means a firm grip and fine introduction.

By your wrong way of the handshake, a woman can have an impression of you as a person who doesn’t know to communicate on a non-verbal level. Let’s first explore what is the importance of nonverbal and verbal communication when you meet someone for the first time.

Why is a good handshake required?

Requirement of a good handshake

It is indeed true that work scenarios have changed a lot in few decades. Despite this, the custom of handshaking remains consistent. Of course, the handshake is the simplest way to greet; still, it has a profound effect on the success of your meeting. Are you curious to know how? Well, it definitely forms an initial expression.

Suppose if you are meeting a woman for the first time, your handshake is not acceptable; she might have a very different image of you. For instance, she might think you are a dominant king of the person if you apply too much pressure while shaking hands. It is rather one such example.

In simpler words, a good handshake while meeting a woman indicates your respect towards her. It’s perfect when your handshake is balanced between weak and forceful grip. Keep in mind that it is very crucial that your handshake creates a positive impact on the person you are meeting. A good handshake can build an immediate connection and trust. You can quickly connect with that woman, and she can also, in a similar way. You seem confident with a solid yet firm handshake, and confidence is the first key to success in the business.

Importance of verbal and non-verbal communication in meeting a woman

Importance of communication

Let us first clarify your understanding of verbal and non-verbal communications. Verbal communication means the exchange of information between individuals via words, while non-verbal communication is your body language. Keep in mind that both types carry their importance. Let us explain how.

The verbal communication is evident, and we mainly focus on the speech when talking about verbal one. When you are conversing with a woman verbally, you can make a powerful impression with your words. Although words can destroy the impression as well, if not chosen wisely, let’s just focus on the positive part.

With your spoken conversion during a meeting with a woman, you can quickly address the objections and clarify the misunderstandings. It becomes relatively easier to adjust your message because you immediately get feedback for your speech from the other person. Verbal communications assure you that your message is well delivered to the other person the way you wanted it to be delivered. It is indeed a powerful tool when meeting a woman.

Coming to the non-verbal part, many people carelessly avoid it. Non-verbal communication can tell a lot about the other person. It can convey even those things which you might not want other people to know. It is believed that nearly 75% of our communication occurs by non-verbal mode, making it the most crucial to master. You share your thought and ideas with your expressions.

Mark my words that women are particularly good at catching the expressions. You need to master your non-verbal communication skills while meeting a woman. It is obvious that this mode of communication cannot be faked because you cannot really control your inner feelings, and those feelings just come out in the form of expressions.

Now, the importance of non-verbal communication is that you can easily convey your empathy and emotions to the women you are meeting. Although it is most of the unconscious, but you can deliberately pretend those emotions sometimes if required. Ideally, your words should complement your expressions and body language.

Not only this, while communicating with women, you can use this mode to seek the truth. It means that by the other person’s expressions, you can easily interpret their expressions. You can know whether they like your thoughts or not. Non-verbal communication indeed can make your business meetings better.

Ways to shake hands depending upon the context of the meeting

Type of handshake

Now when you are aware of different modes of communication and their importance, you should also know the ways of handshaking and how you can shake hands with a woman according to the context of the meeting.

To be precise, there can four types of handshake depending upon the context:


As evident by its name, a double-handed handshake required two hands to execute the handshake, where one of your hands grasps the person’s hand, and the second hand goes on her forearm.

Now understand that this kind of handshake with a woman will represent the closeness of your bond. This is definitely formal but warm. It means that you are trustworthy and honest. Double handed handshake is suitable for a meeting where you want to build a strong relationship.

Shug handshake:

Don’t get confused by the term; it’s a mixture of hug and handshake. In this way of the handshake, your one will grasp the other person’s hand, and your other hand will go around her shoulder. It seems it is a less formal way of shaking hands, and it adds some familiarity to a hug.

In a business meeting, you can use this if you are already comfortable with the person and, most importantly, if the other person is comfortable receiving this kind of handshake from you.

Balanced handshake:

It is the most professional kind of handshake, with a firm grip and the grip lasts for 3 to 6 seconds. Here, you ensure that the handshake is balanced, involving both the hands vertically, side by side.

Being universal, this way of handshaking is most suitable in professional environments.

Fist bump:

The most informal way of greeting is a fist bump. But, it is indeed considered as most hygienic because of less contact involved. It is advisable to use it in less or non-formal meetings and when you’re confident that the other person will not misinterpret it.


Handshaking etiquette

To sum up, it will be correct to say that your way of handshaking with a lady tells a lot about you and your personality. You need to maintain a balance between a confident man and a civilized man. The way of handshake might differ in different countries, but its impact is still the same, and it becomes essential to understand the etiquettes according to various countries. You can anytime practice your introductory handshakes to always feel confident in front of the woman during any business meeting.

Also, it is to be noted that you should keep in mind the context of meeting before handshaking with a woman. In a growing competitive world for business, making the right decision and imparting the right impression can effortlessly let you stand out of the crowd, and it all begins with a simple handshake!

A good handshake with women makes you look more confident and professional and influences their essential decisions regarding the business. On excellent handshake etiquette, a firm yet strong grip is required. Most importantly, you must be aware of the global culture of handshaking etiquettes to master yourself in the art of handshaking. In this way, you can easily stand out among others and make an impression of being confident.

Few simple tips to make your handshake effective yet not overpowering:

  • Don’t show your strength while shaking your hand. You can handshake like a confident man, but you need not demonstrate your power here.
  • Have fineness in your handshake, especially when it’s with a woman.
  • Keep in mind that handshaking is done to build confidence and trust and not to exert your dominance.

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