A Man’s guide to getting entertained at home

It was a time when people used to party with friends to have fun and to be entertained. In the current covid scenario, it will not be wrong to say that it is a necessity to get engaged at home. In this particular report, we shall shed light on a similar topic, and we’ll be finding you the easiest yet entertaining ways to keep yourself busy and entertained at home.

What is the concept of Home entertainment for a modern man?

Home entertainment means that you have to keep yourself entertained at hope without being social. This concept is definitely not new, but its meaning is changed for modern men. Earlier, the meaning of home entertainment would be TVs, game consoles, DVD players, and sound systems. Thanks to digitalization, home entertainment has now converted to Netflix, Prime, Youtube, and other online stuff.

In pretty early times, home entertainment was sort of a luxury thing. It has grown more since the development of electricity. The modern and standard mode of home entertainment is OTT platforms.

Why has it grown in recent times, especially for men?

Because of the shut-down of all the offline modes of entertainment, OTT platforms have become a significant source of home entertainment. It is evident from the reports that 2021 has seen nearly 35% of growth in OTT platforms.

OTT platforms indeed have made movie-watching more affordable and accessible. You are not required to step out of your comfort zone to watch your favorite movie or series. If you have a mobile phone and good internet connectivity, you are set to use these platforms. It seems easy, right? Perhaps it is the most crucial reason for the rising growth of home entertainment platforms.

Home entertainment seems pretty essential for men because they are not much habitual of sitting at home, but the pandemic has made them do so. Typically after their daily chores are over, they find a way to get entertained at home, and OTT platforms give a significant hope. With the rise of Over The Top platforms, and due to the current pandemic scenario, people are more inclined towards home entertainment.

The bucket list for home entertainment:

Keeping in view the necessity of home entertainment, we have prepared a list of pieces of stuff, which can keep you entertained at home (apart from OTT platforms).

If you are a bachelor, then you must try this list to keep you busy yet entertained during your stay at home:

  • Cooking– You say you’re not a great cook? Let’s prove it wrong. Cooking is indeed an excellent way to keep yourself busy, and you will literally taste your hard work.
  • Food photography– Don’t worry if you can’t go out to get mind-blowing photographs; you can still click them at home. You can click pictures of different homemade foods with proper food styling, shot composition, and lighting. It is an excellent way to keep yourself busy because you can then post these pictures to Instagram.
  • Reading– Reading is a kind of activity that never goes out of style. A book can always help you to escape your surroundings. In todays’ time, we have a massive collection of books to choose from. From action thrillers to romantic, from fantasy classics to comics, every mood has a book.
  • Learn different languages– You can learn some new language in your free time at home. A new language might help you with your career along with keeping you busy at home. It is definitely a fantastic skill that you can surely master in your free time.
  • Learn some musical instrument– It doesn’t matter your age; music will always attract you. At home, you can practice some musical instrument, which you can flaunt later among your friends.
  • Yoga and meditation– If you think Yoga is not entertainment, you are definitely wrong. It is a great way to keep you relaxed and reduce anxiety. Additionally, it even boosts your mental health, which is a must to keep you going in this situation.

Don’t worry; if you are a family man, we have a separate list prepared for you as well. Although you can try the above-listed methods, but you should also try the unique methods listed ahead.

  • Play games- You can play different games with your kids. Kids are always the best way to lift the mood. No matter their age, you can play various games like hide n seek, video games easily at home, and it will surely keep you entertained.
  • Learn music- No, you don’t need to go outside for this. You can have an online music course to keep you and your family entertained in a positive manner.
  • Puzzle-solving- It is a great method to improve problem-solving skills, and no doubt, it’ll keep you busy. Of course, you can include your family along with you. You can create a fun family challenge where you can race to see who’ll finish first.
  • Darting– It is an affordable and good hobby to maintain. You just need a board and darts, and you are ready to have fun at home. Again, you can have a competition with your loved ones to see who wins.
  • Origami– Surprisingly, it is the most addictive hobby to proceed with. You don’t need any specific instruments for this. You can make it a entertaining activity with your family to have a good time together at home.
  • Knitting– Don’t say that men can’t knit. You can do it for yourself or your kids as well. You can make yourself a cozy scarf, and your kids will surely learn a lot from you.
  • Drawing and painting– Art can be a great way to express your feelings. You are at home, and you have plenty of time to spare, then it a definitely a great idea to show your creativity. You can easily paint or draw in the comfort of your home. It is needed not to say that your kids will love your idea to join you for drawing and painting.


In the current state of the economy and with the extended period of lockdowns, OTT platforms are the next level of entertainment for the public. When all the theatres are closed due to pandemic, these platforms can keep you hooked to your home.But, apart from OTT platforms, you have considerable options to choose from. The pandemic has made the concept of home entertainment an absolute necessity.


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